Mi-Eye Imaging Platform

Mi-Eye is an FDA-approved diagnostic and operative tool for arthroscopic procedures. Mi-Eye provides illumination and visualization of the interior cavity of a joint space through a natural or surgical opening. When performed in-office, the procedure is done with local anesthesia and allows the surgeon the same view he would have in the operating room. The handheld arthroscope consists of a needle with an integrated camera and light source.

Mi-Eye is the revolutionary alternative to traditional MRI. The device allows surgeons to perform a full diagnostic arthroscopy in-office, saving time and money for the patient. MRIs require authorization through a patient’s insurance company, which can take weeks to get approval. Rather than waiting several weeks to get an MRI and return to the doctor to review results, answers can be given within the very same appointment during consultation. Mi-Eye is more cost effective than an MRI.

MRI also cannot accommodate patients who have a pacemaker or other metal in their body due to the strong magnetic fields and magnetic field gradients used to generate images. Mi-Eye can be used on these patients, allowing the surgeon to have a clear view inside the body.

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